Church Leadership Team

Church Leadership Team

Rev. Richard & Larrie Sherlock

Our new Minister Richard Sherlock and his wife Larrie have joined the Leadership team here at Burgh. His sound bible teaching and pastoral heart will help us all to know Christ better here in Burgh. An average congregation of around 60 comprising of all ages from toddlers to octogenarians. The church is open in some form most days of the week serving the community. The leadership of the church Comprises The Minister and 6 deacons elected from within the congregation to serve in a range of crucial roles within the church – dealing with money, distributing practical resources, managing property, social events, administration, prayer ministry, coordinating house groups, evangelism etc.
Our leadership team work closely with other members of the church who lead the various ministries. The word ‘deacon’ simply means servant. Although all Christians are called to be like Jesus in serving others, deacons are specifically called to model this: to be leaders in living a life of servanthood.

Elected Church Deacons

Carole George

Carole George

Church Secretary

Deacon Julia Page

Julia Page

Church Treasurer


Becky Baggley

Youth Deacon

Jane Martin


Alan Brown 



John Short

Life Deacon


Jim Jamieson

Website/media/visual promotions